Reprint From Circular Times

Volume Two : Spring 1996

Dr. Colette M. Dowell




by Dr. Colette M. Dowell © 1996




  An honorable person would tend to think of giving credit

where credit is due;

a person of deceit tends to

 pillage souls with reckless abandon.


          ‘The Sphinx Project’ headed by John Anthony West and Robert Schoch has suffered numerous indignities in its quest to continue its next stage of research; seismographic surveying of the Giza Plateau and opening the hidden chamber under the sphinx’s paw. (West and Schoch discovered in 1991)


          An application to continue work on the Giza Plateau was submitted to the Egyptian Antiquities Organization in 1993 by Robert Schoch, accompanied by a letter from Schoch’s Dean at Boston University explicitly stating that Boston University was pleased to participate in this important research . There was no reply. Subsequently, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of the Giza Plateau, told BBC television that he did not consider the proposal a legitimate academically sponsored application. Hawass was either mistaken, fortunately blind to the obvious intentions of West’s team, or he had another agenda.


          Three years later, Boris Said (ex-project manager and executive producer for the  ‘The Mystery of the Sphinx ,’  who West is suing for misappropriations of funds; $120-200,000.00) and Dr. Joseph Schor, have successfully schmoozed up to Dr. Hawass and have now mysteriously somehow received permission from the Supreme Council of Antiquities to carry on the research that West and Schoch were denied. Judging from the seven minute promotional video tape produced by Said on Schor’s project, it may be that Dr. Hawass was promised a starring role. So hey, is Hawass to be the new modern Charlton Heston? He may hope so.


          Anyway, Schor (or the Schor Foundation) has big bucks; at a minimum, a million dollars has been allocated for their team’s expenses and any ‘incidentals’ along the way. Florida State University will act as the attentive University where Schor is a Courtesy Professor of Geochemistry. Joe Schor is a member of the Edgar Cayce Research foundation. Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet, proclaimed a chamber would be discovered under the paw of the sphinx which would be eventually known as ‘The Hall of Records’. West’s and Schoch’s team possibly found such chamber and want to further their research and ‘open the door.’


          West sent a letter to Schor proposing a ‘joint venture’ enclosing copies of Schoch’s earlier proposal to the E.A.O. Multiple letters from various individuals were also sent stressing the scientific importance (and common decency) of including West and Schoch on Schor’s team, but Schor declined to invite them to join the expedition. It seems to me like this Joe Schor guy is in a fantasy ‘road race’ with West and Schoch because of Schor’s relations and devotions to Edgar Cayce, but Schor’s greasing the turns on the track so others will be eliminated out of ‘the race.’


          In one letter from Schor to West, Schor states he prefers to keep his team as defined in his submission to the Supreme Council of Antiquities and generously wished West, a ‘good luck’ in pursuing his own goals. That was good of you Joe.


          This Misery of the Sphinx game has some naughty players. In a savage 1994 newspaper article, Dr. Hawass vilified the initial project as an attempt to vindicate Edgar Cayce, which it never was. Yet he now champions the project he knows full well is, under the cover of science, nothing but an attempt to vindicate Edgar Cayce.


How could it be that Schor and Said were granted permission

where Schoch and West were denied? Hmmm...


Reprint From Circular Times Volume Two : Spring 1996, Dr. Colette M. Dowell







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